Main technical conditions of supplying knit fabrics with elastomers

Little differences of quality, colour, dimension and weight are consequence of technical process of manufacturing and are unavoidable. The tolerances limits are:

1. HEIGHT and LENGHT: ± 2%.
2. WEIGHT: ± 6% for fabrics over 150 g/m2 else ± 10%.
3. DIMENSIONS: ± 6% at washing at 40°C in accordance with ISO 105.
4. SHRINKAGE of the fabrics after cut (alias REST) due to release of the least tension necessary for taking upthe rolls must be considered physiological as far as 3%.
5. TONALITY: ± 1 point on the scale of grey.
6. SENSITIVITY: to avoid yellowing of colours, keep fabrics in a dry place, far from heat sources and strong lights.
7. SOLVENTS may be aggressive for the foil applied to the fabrics, including those present in the glues of adhesive labels which therefore are not recommended for use.
8. LAME’: avoid abnormal stretching not to compromise adhesive power of any metallic foils, regularly tested and approved in lab. Washing, never over 30°C (86°F), hand or machine, must be delicate with neutral soap. Better specialist clean. Do not centrifugate. Avoid spin dry. Dry horizontally. Do not dry cleaning. Avoid prolonged soaking since the foils are water based. Iron at maximum sole-plate temperature of 110°C on the reverse side interposing a cloth. For fabrics with softening or silicone pay special attention. We suggest to test the behavior of these fabrics before use, especially in uniforms or clothes to wearmand wash over and over again.
9. COMBINATION: please pay special attention to the fastness values declared in the chart. COMBINATION of colours is not recommended when the fastness values of Washing, Water and Sea water are lower than 4.5.
10. TEXTILE CARE LABELLING: as follows, except where otherwise clearly indicated:

• Washing: machine wash at 40°C
• Bleaching: do not use chlorine-based bleach
• Drying: avoid spin dry. Squeeze off excess water or delicate spin. Hang to dry
• Ironing: maximum sole-plate temperature of 110°C
• Dry cleaning: articles which are suitable for dry cleaning in perchloroethylene