Choosing Convertex means to choose the highest Italian quality

Wholesale stretch fabrics

Convertex is the first wholesaler specialized in high quality stretch fabrics, which helps its customers to make their projects come true even before the purchasing process .

Our efforts to keep the product available over time, provide reliable services and design products meet market demand making Convertex fabrics the most requested and appreciated, all over the world.


Convertex was born in 1997 from an intuition of its founder who, thanks to his experience in the textile sector, understood all the key points necessary to create an outstanding company.

An interconnected network of dyeworks, printing plants and fixing equipments that, thanks to the latest technology, meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Lead by the passion and attention of those who have embraced this ambitious project, Convertex has been able not only to establish itself but also to consolidate the quality of the product over time, both nationally and internationally.

Mission and Value


Our main aim is to provide all the elements needed to make a choice based on a concrete experience.

Touch&Feel Service: our free samples allow our customers to touch with hand the quality of our fabrics.

Made in Italy

Quality always comes before quantity.

We are proud to distribute our Made-in- Italy products all around the world.

This is a mission rather than a job.


After decades in the textile industry, Convertex is a solid and concrete warranty. Our familiarity in handling orders from all over the world allows us to meet every day our customer's needs.
We are structured to quickly prevent and dealing with any kind of inconveniences.

How we work

  • To serve requests related to sportswear, theatres, swimwear and entertainment we work as a wholesaler.
    Our warehouse availability allows us to process a huge amount of orders, even small ones, within the same day, guaranteed our customers a fast and reliable service.
  • To serve the request for underwear fabrics, we act as “a real Converter”; basically we design our collections in every detail and we exhibit them at trade fairs or directly at the offices of our national and international customers.

Our clients

Among our main clients we can list the main national and international theatres: